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Successful corporate event by ZEAL Integrated




To Conduct a 2 Day Cricket Tournament for the CEO, VP & Senior Management of the India Largest MNC companies.​


Venue is the most important decision in this project as providing an experience of an excellent stay for the Niche crowd along with their families & also being able to conduct cricket at the same premise, Taj Falaknuma Palace, Hyderabad was the choice. ​


In discussion with the client, representatives of the Palace, we mapped various locations at the Palace to conduct different segments to engage the audience. The Main lawns we managed to set up a proper Cricket Playing Ground with Boundary branding of sponsors, Dugout for team members, Seating galleries for the Families, Food Area, First Aid Area, Interacting/co-ordinating & setting up multiple design Stalls & display units for the Sponsors, most specially curated for the Abu Dhabi Tourism was ‘Desert Sit Out tent’. Managing the grand entry, Personalised Welcome Letters, Print Collaterals, game of cricket with Umpires, Ball Boys, Field helpers, Scorers, commentators, trophies, cricket equipments, branded collaterals, T-shirts & Caps, giveaways, and a DJ to keep the audience in high spirits enjoying the game.​We also curated a theme dinner at the Rajasthani Lawn, on the day 1 with ambient lighting & a beautiful set up to conduct our Players Auction for the Cricket Challenge alongside constant entertainment, hosted by Gautam Bimani it was an exciting evening.​Post the matches, we had an awards night again hosted by Gautam to reward the Winners & also allowing networking among the delegates with a lot of fun. A Qawwali show performance with the local artists of Hyderabad was a part of this night which was an experience every delegate loved along with the excellent serving of specially curated cuisines from the palace. ​