10 Ways to Find the Best Corporate Event Management Company in Bangalore 

Corporate Event Management Company in Bangalore

Event management companies have extensive knowledge in hosting a wide variety of events like product launches, conferences, corporate events, celebrity shows, weddings, marketing campaigns, and many more. Depending on your requirements, you can select the right one for hosting the event. 

The garden city is home to some top-notch event-hosting companies that scale up to your expectations. Below are a few of the best event organizers in Bangalore: 

Wedding Chakra:

Wedding Chakra specializes in providing the client with lavish and elegant weddings. They offer a wide range of services like selecting the venue, entertainment, and décor. 

Zeal Integrated Marketing Solution:

Zeal Integrated Marketing Solutions is the first company that springs to mind when discussing corporate event planners; the company has a strong expertise in this area. They are known for delivering innovative flawless events with precision. Celebrity shows, product debuts, and other events have been hosted by Zeal for some of the most well-known firms in the nation. 

Zeal has a 15-year experiential knowledge in hosting events of all sizes and kinds. It is based in Bangalore and provides services throughout the country for some of the top companies who are their loyal clients. 

But with so many event management companies offering the best, how does Zeal stand out? They deliver what they promise. The client base is the company’s testimonials in providing flawless execution who once associated with Zeal, do not discontinue but come back to them for any further event management solutions. 

Showtime Events:

Showtime Events, an event planning company in Bangalore is also located in Mumbai and Delhi, provides services worldwide. With 20 years of experience in the field, they specialize in large event space, brand activation, weddings, live experiences, government events, corporate events, etc. 

Red Carpet events and weddings:

One of the leading wedding planners and corporate event management companies in Bangalore has been providing bespoke services since 2009. They are known for an array of services ranging from marathons to weddings, exhibitions to corporate conferences; the company has come a long way. 

Maze events and experiences:

Known as one of the nation’s most dependable event management firms, Maze has made significant progress in organizing conferences, family outings, and business events such as award ceremonies.  

Evolve Weddings:

Evolve Weddings started their operations in 2006 as party planners for birthday parties, and social and corporate events and started hosting destination weddings in 2010. Since then, they have catered to wedding solutions worldwide by providing complete solutions to all wedding needs. 

Mindz Productionz:

This company claims to be able to easily host gatherings for up to 5000 people. Mindz Productionz has handled everything, including award shows, prestigious gatherings, and yearly day celebrations. 

Fountainhead MKTG:

This entertainment and corporate event company has its headquarters in Bengaluru, Mumbai, and Gurugram. They are particularly good at event planning, in-film branding, stadium promotions, and rural marketing. 

These are just a handful of event planners in Bangalore. The city boasts of some of the very happening event managers who provide innovative and creative events leaving behind a mesmerized audience. However, the key to finding a good event planner is to explore all the possibilities. It is crucial to do so before finalizing the right one to suit your needs. 

Who is the corporate event organizer?  

Corporate event planners are experts or enterprises that specialize in organizing, arranging, and carrying out corporate events for companies or organizations. Conferences, seminars, trade exhibits, product launches, networking opportunities, team-building exercises, and celebrations honoring employees are some examples of these events.  

In addition to planning, coordinating, designing, and producing events, corporate event organizers often offer their clients essential marketing, promotion, attendance registration, and management services, engagement activities, and evaluation and reporting after the event.  

Why should you hire organizers for corporate event management? 

A business event must adhere to protocol, which calls for a polished appearance and enough time to organize and run the event. 

The following summarizes the advantages of hiring an event planner for a business: 


A company exhibits professionalism and concern when it decides to rely on the experience of event managers. It makes sure the state corporation keeps its reputation intact and effectively manages the company’s image.  

Creative concepts:

Event professionals oversee and supervise the creation of creative concepts and imaginative ideas. They present a fresh perspective that could give businesses hope in fiercely competitive markets. 

Strategic planning:

The event manager creates a balance with their business by discussing the plans, goals, and objectives. They support the development of a specific strategic plan by considering all pertinent perspectives. 

Stress relief:

It can be highly taxing to continuously consider and develop corporate plans and objectives. Therefore, hiring an event manager can reduce stress and increase performance by freeing up business time for other endeavors. 

Attention to detail:

Event managers pay close attention to every little detail when it comes to the growth of their company and the planning of events. In the end, an event will only be notable and unforgettable if it has an impact on those who attend. 

Brand projection:

A well-managed event gives a positive picture of the business and gives you a chance to represent it in a very particular way. 


Because event managers deal with a variety of vendors and organizers, they typically provide workable solutions that save businesses money and effort. 

Measuring objective achievement: Event managers set quantifiable goals after considering how the event will impact the outcome. Because of this, the event is part of a campaign to achieve outcomes, and it is vital to assess it considering the stated goal. 

What qualities should you be looking for hiring a event manager? 

Selecting the best corporate event company in Bangalore should eliminate all unpleasant situations and allow you to concentrate on the bigger picture, even though managing everything in the run-up to the event would be tough. The selected company must comply with these specifications: 

Experience and expertise:

They must have a documented history of successfully planning events of a similar size and type. This allows for the exchange of ideas and problem-solving techniques, as well as the capacity to handle any challenge that may arise.  

Originality and distinctiveness:

The concepts offered should help your event be as memorable and unique as possible, and the entire thing should reflect your personality the most. 

Attention to detail:

There will be a lot of coordinated work, and the trustworthy management business will never overlook a detail. 


You should figure out a way to let people know what you need, keep you updated on developments, and always take your recommendations and definition into consideration. If that’s possible, you’ve found good organization. 

Organizational skills:

Without these attributes, it is impossible to effectively handle several vendors, tasks, and deadlines. 


A lot of events take unexpected turns and call for last-minute changes, so the business must be able to remain composed under pressure. 

Solving problems:

Eventually, there won’t be a method to correct every mistake that was made. Making decisions quickly to ensure that the event goes on is crucial, therefore act quickly. 

Vendor and venue management:

Finding the right suppliers and locations entails building connections with the right people to negotiate the best prices and guarantee a flawless event on the scheduled day. 

Allow the business to provide you with your best options within your price range and to be transparent about any additional fees. Examine other businesses or anyone else who has hired a possible event partner before deciding. The basic line is that you may have the ideal event if there is effective communication. You’ve found the ideal event management firm if these requirements are satisfied, we promise.  

What services does a company that plans events provide? 

The corporate event planners in Bangalore help a customer with the planning, arranging, and management of the event day by providing a wide range of services. Services for organizing, planning, and carrying out corporate events of various sizes and kinds are provided by corporate event management companies. Corporate event management businesses help clients create a plan and strategy, to name a few of the services they provide. They consider the event’s goal, the anticipated audience, the allocated funds, and the budget. A detailed list is provided below: 

Venue selection and management:

A corporate event management company assists a client in selecting the ideal venue by considering factors like the number of guests it can hold, its location, its amenities, and its negotiation. They also oversee the venue’s day-to-day operations. 

Event production and design:

The company also handles event design, using themes, décor, branding, color schemes, etc. to create visually appealing events. 

They decide which production is the best fit for the budget, and these include: 

Logistics and operations management:

They oversee the day-to-day operations of transportation, lodging, catering, and any related logistics. This includes an assurance that everything will function as planned and that there won’t be any hiccups. 

Attendee management and registration:

This involves providing platforms for registration, compiling a guest list, and granting admission. 

Speech management and entertainment:

The microphone, main presenters, screen, etc., must all be arranged nicely. 

Marketing and promotion:

These activities are crucial because, without participants, an event would be a complete failure. 

Post event analysis and evaluation:

At the conclusion of an event, analysis helps you identify any shortcomings and prepares you for the next one. 

All these help corporate event management businesses fulfill their main duty, which is to lessen the workload for their clients. 


Reasons to hire a corporate event management: 

Corporate event organizers offer many advantages to the company itself in addition to being effective at attracting outside clients. They can assist the company in using event organizer services to set up training sessions, team-building exercises, and employee appreciation activities to help increase employees’ commitment and morale. A happy and gregarious worker is more likely to contribute to the company’s success. 

Your company can gain from hiring corporate event planners in the following ways: 

  • To begin with, corporate event planners are qualified professionals who know how to manage events. They release you from the need to organize the activities by doing this. They handle the event’s logistics, choose the location on your behalf, and make sure it stays within your allocated budget. These kinds of events can be planned by event managers, freeing you to handle the more important facets of your company. 
  • Branding is an additional advantage of hiring corporate event managers. Corporate gatherings offer chances for branding. You can build remarkable experiences that would be a show to communicate about your goods, principles, and services at your stand with the assistance of the event organizers. The managers make sure that your company is properly represented at social events, trade shows, and product launches. 
  • Additionally, event coordinators offer networking chances. These events bring people and businesses together. In addition, the event coordinator arranges engaging gatherings and team-building exercises that provide interested parties with a chance to network. A robust social network facilitates the generation of commercial opportunities. Increasing the likelihood of obtaining new contracts, referrals, and collaborations requires doing this. 
  • Use event organizers’ assistance to cultivate client ties. Corporate gatherings are a great way to recognize important clients, tell them about new products, and thank them for their support. Online events also greatly boost customer loyalty and attract new attendees. 
  • When properly planned and executed, corporate events can be fantastic vehicles for driving leads and sales. This is accomplished by having event planners help with the creation of focused marketing plans, advertising campaigns, and sales promotions to entice customers to make purchases. A product presentation, special offers, and lead generation through lead capture can all be incorporated into an event that will highlight your offerings and allow your sales team to follow up with potential customers. 
  • They are also quite helpful in allowing the company to get pertinent input from guests on its goods and services as well as how they view the brand. They support the administration of surveys, the availability of feedback forms, and interactions during these events. They can also gather input on how responsive your services are. 


You may think organizing an event may be simple, but trust me, there are so many areas that need to be tended to; and more so if the event is on a large scale and a corporate event.  Since they deal with the same issues every day, professional event managers are trained in this field and complete task swiftly and effectively.