How to Identify the Best Event Planning Company in Bangalore?

Best Event Planning Company in Bangalore

Planning an event is a challenging task since it calls for a large team of experts from various fields to work together to produce interesting content. As experts in this field, a corporate event planning company helps you to lessen these challenges.  

They give ideas derived from thorough research and carry out their creative endeavors in a disciplined manner. Professional event planners can also use their networks and resources to speed the process without stress, saving you time and money.  

We have carefully chosen a few of the event planning companies in Bangalore to assist you both during and after your event: 

Planotech Events & Marketing Pvt. Ltd.:

This corporate event company, with headquarters in Bangalore, hosts original conferences, launches merchandise, and more. It is a conscientious and innovative solutions provider that meets the needs of all its clients, including corporate ones. 

VouchPro Events & Media Solutions:

This esteemed professional event planning company takes care of all event-related duties, such as branding, analysis following the event, and a thorough plan and project. 

Zeal Integrated Marketing Solutions:

Based in Garden City, Bangalore, India, Zeal Integrated Marketing Solutions is a well-known event management company that frequently designs unique and inventive events for well-known businesses. Zeal, a 15-year-old event management agency, is one of the most effective and promising options available. 

Customized gifting, corporate gatherings, celebrity appearances, product debuts, online events, technology integration, logistics management, and on-site registration are among their areas of expertise. It’s essentially a one-stop shop for all you need for event management. 

Blueprint Global:

The name of this company pretty much sums it up. It is a well-known pioneer in the development of imaginative event concepts, providing full services to a broad spectrum of business customers. 

NeoNiche Integrated Solutions Pvt. Ltd.:

NeoNiche is a provider that distinguishes itself by developing innovative approaches and solutions for each business client it works with. 

Enthusiastz Services Pvt. Ltd.:

This flexible provider of event planning and organizing solutions, which is hired by its corporate clientele, is notable for its remarkable level of inventiveness and meticulous attention to detail. 

How important is hiring an event manager for your event? 

For your next business or private event, you should think about hiring an event manager for the following compelling reasons:  


To begin with, event management companies are experts at organizing and carrying out events of various shapes and sizes. 

Planning and execution:

Planning and executing an event can be difficult, inconvenient, and time-consuming, but event organizers make the process much easier. This relieves you of some of the burden and allows you to focus on your other responsibilities, as the planners take care of the rest. 


In addition, you get access to resources and connections by engaging an event management company at a lower cost than you would have paid by yourself. 

How crucial is it to choose an event manager for your gathering? 

The following strong arguments support your decision to hire an event organizer for your upcoming corporate or private gathering:  


First off, firms that specialize in event management are very skilled in planning and executing events of all sizes. Event organizers greatly simplify the challenging, time-consuming, and inconvenient process of organizing and carrying out an event. By leaving some of the work to the planners, you can concentrate on your other obligations while they handle the remainder.  


By hiring an event management company, you not only save money over doing it yourself but also have access to resources and contacts.  

No burden:

You won’t have to waste time waiting for them to determine and discuss anything in your favor. 


A seasoned event planner encourages creativity and offers novel viewpoints for your concept. 


With the help of event management companies, you may identify ways to economize or stay within your budget. 

Support for logistics:

They include planning, block and venue selection, transportation, and technical skill management, among other logistical services. 

Damage control:

They take away the element of risk because almost everything can be predicted and managed; the rest can either be ignored or dealt with organically, with the company conducting itself appropriately and courteously. 

Attention to detail:

The greatest advantage is receiving the proper care and paying sufficient attention to the small details. 

Post-event support:

The last argument in favor of hiring an event organizer is the availability of professionals to help and support you following the event. They are there to help you relax and mingle with the visitors at a pivotal moment. 

How do I choose the best event planner? 

The best ways to choose one that might suit your needs are to check on professional networking sites, read user reviews, go through portfolios, and experience, and get in touch with their representatives for a price. Still, that isn’t all. Before finalizing a planner, there are a few more factors to consider. 

The top Bangalore event management firm checks off these items:  


The secret to everything great is communication. You must find a way to communicate your needs to others, stay informed about advancements, and ensure that your definitions and recommendations are always considered. You’ve discovered a good partner if that’s even possible.  

Originality and distinctiveness:

The ideas provided should make your event stand out from the crowd and most importantly, they should showcase your personality. 

Expertise and experience:

They should have a documented history of successfully planning events of a comparable scale since this enables the sharing of concepts and approaches to problem-solving and the ability to manage any obstacles that may come up. 

Attention to detail:

A reliable management company will never miss a detail despite the volume of coordinated work. 

Organizational skills:

Managing several vendors, tasks, and deadlines is not possible without these qualities. 

Vendor and venue management:

Selecting the appropriate vendors and venues requires establishing relationships with the appropriate individuals to bargain for the best rates and ensure a faultless event on the planned day. 


Since many events have unanticipated turns and necessitate last-minute adjustments, the company needs to be able to maintain composure under duress. 


Eventually, there won’t be a way to fix every error that was made. An event organizer must move promptly to make judgments that will guarantee the event proceeds. 


Give the company your budget and let them show you the finest possibilities they have and be upfront about any extra costs. Think about other companies or anyone else who has employed a potential event partner before deciding.  

The key takeaway is that having great communication can lead to the perfect event. If these conditions are met, we guarantee you have found the perfect event management firm. 

What services are available from a corporate event planning company?  

A premier event management firm in Bangalore can assist with a wide range of services related to event planning, organization, and day-of management. A corporate event management business may assist with the planning, coordinating, and execution of corporate events of all sizes.  

A few of the services offered are:  


Organizations that manage corporate events assist clients in developing a strategy and a vision. They consider the objective, target audience, budget, and anticipated results of the event. 

Venue negotiation and selection:

A corporate event management business helps a customer choose the best venue by taking into account variables like location, amenities, capacity, and ease of negotiating. They are also in charge of the venue’s daily operations. 

Production and design of events:

The company also manages event design, utilizing branding, themes, décor, color palettes, and eyewear to provide aesthetically pleasing events. 

The production that best fits the budget is chosen by an event planner, and these options include: 

Operations and logistics management:

They oversee managing the daily activities of housing, catering, transportation, and other associated logistics. This includes a guarantee that there won’t be any hiccups and that everything will go according to plan. 

Attendee management and registration:

This includes creating guest lists, registering attendees, and allowing entrance. 

Speech control and entertainment:

Everything needs to be set up properly, including the screen, major presenters, and microphone. 

Marketing and promotion:

Without attendees, an event would be a total bust. Therefore, things like sending out invites are essential. 

Post-event analysis and evaluation:

After the event, analysis helps you find any weaknesses and gets you ready for the next one. 

What are the things you need to keep yourself prepared with while looking out for corporate event planners and organizers in Bangalore?  

Before hiring an event organizer, make sure you have a few things to foster a positive and smooth working relationship. Here are some crucial factors to consider when selecting an event planner: 

The event’s objective:

Make sure everyone understands the purpose of your event by clearly stating what you aim to achieve. Product launches, networking events, awareness campaigns, and milestone celebrations are examples of goal-based events. 


Set aside money for the event so that the manager of events can make recommendations and ideas that fit the allocated funds. 

Event date and rally hour:

Although the time and date are merely guesses, you still need to have tentative dates ready so that the event management can ascertain your availability. 

Event dimensions:

Be sure you are clear about what you want, including the type of event (such as gala dinners, conferences, or seminars), the number of guests you plan to invite, and any other pertinent information. 

Venue preference:

Let us know what you need, including the location, size, amenities, and ambiance. 


Any concepts or branding associated with the event communicate elements of design and branding. 

Vendor option:

Inform them of your preference to work with them directly, or to have them refer you to their affiliated merchants. 

Set up the necessary deliverables and standards:

General strategy, financial plan, document preparation, monitoring, and reporting are a few examples. 


You can provide the event manager with the information they need to understand your needs and tailor their services if you are equipped with the above-mentioned essentials. This includes details like who will select the event manager and the exact metrics for measuring the event management. 

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Types of event management companies  

A corporate event management firm differs from other types of event management organizations based on its focus, customers, and event type. A corporate event management business handles the following:  

Corporate Event Management Company:

This kind of business specializes in planning and executing events related to corporations. Well-known events include parties, conferences, seminars, activity days, launches, shopping excursions for shareholders, and team-building retreats. 

Different Event Management Firms:

These businesses provide a wide range of customers and occasions, such as weddings, non-profit event organizing, social gatherings, music concerts, festivals, sporting events, and cultural displays. On the other hand, those in the audience that are listed below include:  

On the other hand, the following individuals are present in the audience: 

Corporate Management Company for Events:

Before a corporate event management company organizes an activity, events that are intended for firms, corporations, and organizations to conduct corporate events for internal or external consumption must be organized. 

Extra Event Coordination:

In the interim, companies frequently focus on planning events that meet unmet needs across a range of industries, such as couples planning weddings or parents planning children’s birthday celebrations. Thus, in addition to the audience, these events can take on the following forms:  

  • Increasing money and resources. 
  • Planning for business expansion. 
  • Making public the times deemed suitable. 
  • Providing guidance and teaching.  

Extra businesses that oversee events:

Consequently, event management focuses on entertaining a range of enterprises, such as symposia meetings, weddings, parties, family reunions, and weekend extracurriculars. 

Specialized services:

Including selecting venues for events, registering guests, planning schedules, selecting audio and visual gear, and screening speakers and their accompanying materials can be offered by a corporate event management company. 

Other Businesses That Handle Events:

Corporate susceptibility goes beyond simple time-tabling procedures due to their ability to design more lavish events that would need extra services like catering, panel hosting, advertising, and security. 


Hiring event planners in Bangalore is the most sensible line of action, especially if it is for a large crowd. It may be both thrilling and exhausting at the same time to plan an event, particularly if you are the one hosting. As your main responsibility should be to look after and interact with the guests; if, on the other hand, you have been running errands all day to make sure the event goes off without a hitch, you won’t have time to interact with them.