Who Are the Leading Small Event Management Companies in Bangalore?

Event Management Company in Bangalore
An event management company offers a complete solution from planning to execution of the event taking the burden off the shoulders of the client. Bangalore is home to plenty of small event management companies. Below are some of the most reliable ones:

Zeal integrated marketing solutions:

Zeal is one of the top small event management company in Bangalore. However, they are not limited to hosting only small events but have been hosting some of the large events too in the city as well as outside the city. Zeal has 15 years of hands-on experience in managing events successfully for some of the high-profile clients. They have hosted small events comprising of 20 attendees to large events comprising of 500 attendees all over the country. Zeal is known for delivering exceptional events like corporate events, conferences, celebrity shows, exhibitions, virtual events, products launch, and customized gifting. Some of the companies associated with Zeal are Unisys, Tata, SAP University, etc. Zeal provides flawless execution with precision. Most of the companies associated with Zeal always continue with the relationship as they are sure of the quality provided by them.

Bliss event management:

Bliss is another event management company that provides total solutions to small events like birthdays, corporate events, weddings, and customized events.

Kanasu Events Bengaluru:

This event planner located in Bangalore provides customized events like wedding décor, birthday décor, housewarming décor, baby shower, housewarming etc.

7Delights Event and party organizers:

7Delights is a party planner and an event manager catering to birthday parties, corporate events, and many more.

Evoma business hotel:

Evoma plays host to their clients for many events like induction programs, weddings, receptions, etc.

Who is the event manager?

Business, social, and promotional events are planned and coordinated by event managers. In charge of organizing a variety of events, they must make sure the intended audience is present and that the event’s message is effectively promoted.

Reasons to hire a professional event manager:

Knowledge and expertise:

Skilled professionals with prior event management expertise are the primary attributes of corporate event planners. They are employed so you can remain unoccupied and mingle with the visitors. They take care of the event’s logistics, choose the location, and make sure it stays within your budget. There is ample time and energy for you to concentrate on the more important facets of your business while the event manager is busy planning the event.


Corporate event planners are trained experts in event management. By doing this, they absolve you of the responsibility to plan the activities. They take care of the planning, select the venue, and guarantee that the event stays within your budget. Event managers can organize these kinds of activities, giving you more time to oversee the more crucial aspects of your business.

Team strengthening:

Corporate event planners are not only good at drawing outside business, but they also provide numerous benefits to the organization itself. To boost staff dedication and morale, they can help the business arrange training sessions, team-building activities, and employee appreciation events through event organizer services.


Another benefit of using corporate event managers is branding. Events for business provide branding opportunities. With the help of the event organizers, you may create amazing experiences that would be a show to communicate about your products, values, and services at your booth. The managers see to it that your business is well-represented at trade exhibits, product launches, and social gatherings.


Event planners also provide networking opportunities: people and companies come together for these gatherings. A platform for networking is also provided by the event management through interactive meetings and team-building activities. Strong social networks create business potential. This is crucial to increase the possibility of getting new contracts, referrals, and collaborations.

Access to a wide range of resources and networks:

Because corporate event coordinators already have established connections with venues, suppliers, and vendors, they can negotiate the best rates on your behalf. They are adept at creating contracts, managing budgets effectively, and ensuring you receive the most value for your money.

Time and stress savings:

Setting up a corporate event can be challenging, especially for professionals with hectic schedules. You can ensure stress management and free up time.

Product launch:

Create a clientele with the help of coordinators of events. Corporate functions can be used to thank clients for their business, introduce new products, or recognize valued clients. Virtual events also significantly increase revenue and promote loyalty.

Lead generation:

Corporate events may be very useful tools for generating leads and sales if they are planned and carried out strategically. This is achieved by enlisting the assistance of event planners in the development of targeted marketing strategies, sales promotions, and advertising campaigns.


To showcase your product offers, provide product demos, offer exclusive discounts, and enable lead collection to generate leads and sales that the sales team will pursue, an event can be organized.


They also assist the business gain important feedback from customers regarding their experiences with its products and services and their perceptions of the brand. They facilitate contacts, survey administration, and the availability of feedback forms at these events. They can also get feedback on how quickly your services are answered.


Another service that event coordinators offer is networking. These events bring together individuals and corporations. The event coordinator also organizes engaging social events and team-building exercises that provide interested parties a chance to connect. Developing commercial opportunities is facilitated by a robust social network. To improve the likelihood of obtaining new partnerships, contracts, and referrals, this is required.

High standards and attention to detail:

Corporate event management companies are well known for their meticulous nature and dedication to perfection. They manage every aspect of your event, including selecting the ideal venue and décor.

Risk management and contingency plans:

As the proverb states, “man proposes, god disposes,” misfortunes might strike at any point in life. The best corporate event planning businesses prepare ahead and have backup plans available to ensure that, in the event of a canceled, postponed, or scaled event, there is as little harm to your schedule and reputation as possible. Read Also: How to Identify the Best Event Planning Company in Bangalore?

What are the attributes to check out before finalizing an event manager?

The top companies for event production possess certain fundamental qualities that distinguish them and aid in organizing and carrying out memorable events:

Innovative and creative:

These attributes enable a first-rate event management company to develop original event concepts, themes, and designs that draw guests and leave a lasting impression.

Pay great attention to details:

Making sure that every element of the event is well-thought-out and goes according to plan requires careful attention to detail, from venue selection and design to logistics and guest experience.


Having good organizational skills is essential for handling several activities, deadlines, and logistics simultaneously. Planning therefore makes it easier to follow formal rules and processes that must be followed all the way through.

Communication skills:

Good communication is essential to forging strong bonds with clients, partners, vendors, and staff. Excellent event management businesses listen intently to their client’s feedback, which keeps stakeholders informed and involved through the planning phase.


The success of the event depends on your capacity to anticipate and steer clear of possible roadblocks. A first-rate event management company is flexible, creative, and prepared to tackle issues as they emerge.


The event company values flexibility highly since unforeseen circumstances often need quick decisions.


Stakeholders and clients need to be treated with professionalism to respect and believe in you. Because of this, to build a reliable rapport with the client, an event management company should ensure a particular degree of propriety.


The event planning firm constantly puts its client’s needs first and understands how important comfort is in the workplace.


A first-rate event management company collaborates with clients, vendors, suppliers, and staff to guarantee that activities are effectively planned and realized.

Ongoing development:

A top-notch event management company understands that it must constantly innovate and grow to stay relevant and provide clients with updated content.

Why is it better to employ an event organizer than to handle everything yourself?

There are many benefits to using an event management company versus organizing it yourself:


First off, these businesses have specialists with years of expertise who specialize in organizing and running events. You consequently spare countless hours and a great deal of stress when it comes to budgeting, vendor relations, problem-solving, and event logistics.


There are business and general relationships with caterers, venues, vendors, decorators, and entertainment companies. Making use of these relationships gives you access to cheaper prices, more services, and a guarantee that the seller is of a high caliber in addition to the services that you may find online.

Cost effective:

Self-organization might appear more cost-effective, but in the eyes of an expert, doing it yourself requires additional expenses rather than an investment. Because of this, event management companies offer a cost-effective analysis that lets you avoid overspending without sacrificing the quality of the finished product.


In particular, a degree of detail is essential when organizing events. Since an event planner is an expert in the finer points, nothing will go unplanned or unattended. As a result, everything is in harmony, from the opening of the event to the seating arrangements, décor, and audiovisual equipment. Consequently, the experiences of your guests will be shaped by your initial and subsequent impressions.

Time management:

In addition, using an event management company might help you save time. Hiring experts allows you to assign the laboratory and free up time to explore other options because planning an event is a laborious task.


Your event manager figures out multiple options in case something goes wrong. Having a company manage an event also helps to lower stress levels. Yes, it is possible to concentrate just on having fun at the event when you acknowledge that everything is under control and stop lugging around all the information in your thoughts.


Planning and executing an event are a lengthy procedure with a great deal of work associated with it which an event manager can handle with ease and execute with utmost accuracy. But the same may prove a task to a person with no experience. It just makes sense to hire a professional and you can enjoy your day without worrying about how the event will progress.