These are the top 10 Event Management Company’s to Check out For Your Next Event!

event management company

An event management company helps a company or an individual to host events like corporate events, brand launches, celebrity shows, etc. We have listed below the top 10 event management companies in the country that have proved themselves by executing flawless events:


Wizcraft is one of the most prominent event management companies that organize grandiose events, concerts, and award ceremonies.


Percept is an Indian-based entertainment, media, and communications company that caters to almost all types of event requirements, such as corporate events, concerts, and sports happenings.

Zeal Integrated Marketing Solutions:

Zeal, the corporate event company based in Bangalore, has a strong hold on event management as they have been delivering world-class events for 15 years.

Fountainhead MKTG:

Fountainhead MKTG is a professional in experience marketing that is a professional event planner that deals with all types of cases from corporate events and product releases to developing one’s brand.

Cox & Kings:

Cox and Kings is a travel company that provides event management services and is primarily known for destination weddings and MICE and corporate events.

70 EMG/Entertainment Marketing Group:

70 EMG is a creative and out-of-the-box full-service event organization agency with which one can organize corporate events for business development or the most luxurious wedding. 

T.I.C. Group:

T.I.C. Group is one of the top 10 event management companies in India that incorporates corporate exhibitions and summits, trade fairs, and conferences.

Showtime Events:

Showtime Events is on the list of top-25 event companies in India that specializes in wedding planning and organization, and social events with magnificent company portraits.

DNA Networks:

DNA Networks is a vital global player and a member of event, live music, and concert management.

WOW Events:

WOW Events is another expert in experience clusters for business events among the top 10 event management companies in India.

The above-mentioned are some of the Top 10 event management companies in the country but there are many more that have so much to offer you which have not been listed here. Thanks to technology, without stepping out, you can gather relevant information on this topic. Make a point to explore before finalizing as each company is different and has a lot more to offer with uniqueness.

About The corporate event company

An event management company provides professional services focusing on planning, organizing, and coordinating the execution of events of various nature and sizes. For example, such companies execute corporate conferences, launches, and trade shows, exhibitions, weddings, parties, concerts, and festivals, among other events.

The services have built-in specificity tailored according to clients’ varying needs. Hence, event management services include:

Event Planning and Coordination:

The company first holds an initial consultation where it briefs the clients and takes notes on their needs, budget, and style for the event, then makes an actual plan, and eventually coordinates all the other activities.

Venue Selection and Management: 

The companies assist their clients in identifying and reserving appropriate venues for their events performances. Appropriate venues are ascertained by the following factors: venue capacity, location and ease of accessibility, facilities, and amenities available in/at the venue, and the venue rental rate, among other factors. Once the venue is selected, the company may negotiate a rental and manage other logistical concerns that are directly linked to the venue selection process.

Logistics and Operations: 

The company is entrusted with the responsibility of organizing all logistical aspects of an event, from transport to accommodation, catering, audiovisual, and the arrangement of the setup and seating plan for attendees.

Vendor Management:

 The company provides most of its other services including catering, entertainment, decoration, lighting, sound, and photography/videography through vendors.

Event Marketing and Promotion Outcome:

The company may also engage in advertisement and marketing activities and even design materials, publicity on social media, and layout and brochure design that publicized the events.

On-site Event Management: 

This involves running the show during the event: The team is on their toes to ensure all goes according to the plan.

Post-event Evaluation:

The company concludes the assigned event by conducting a post-event evaluation and getting feedback on the manner they executed the event, their operations, as well as feedback regarding clients and attendees.

Generally, well-run event management companies account for these factors to ensure quality, efficiency, and effective service delivery.

What are the qualities that you need to check before finalizing a corporate event company?

A successful event management company must have several qualities that will enable them to meet the needs of their clients and conduct outstanding events. These include creativity, organizational skills, communication, and a few more:


Among the most crucial qualities of an event manager is the capability to create unique event concepts, themes, and encounters that allow the firm to distinguish itself from its rivals and, at the same time, take your attendees’ breath away.

Organizational abilities:

One would be unable to manage numerous jobs, deadlines, and resources without strong organizational skills. This task necessitates meticulous planning, excellent attention to detail, and the ability to unite all the facets of a project.

Communication abilities:

Ensure that one comprehends the client’s requirements and guarantees that there is an open line of contact with the client and that everyone engaged in the event understands their role.

Problem-solving abilities:

Professional event professionals may come across various circumstances that require them to act on the spur of the moment and fix problems. Thinking ahead will make it possible to choreograph all scenarios and prevent any deviation from correct behavior.

Flexibility and Adaptability:

There are always last-minute alterations to an event; these abilities ensure that all swerves might be efficiently managed.

Client Focus:

One must constantly consider the client’s requirements and desires; that is the event planner’s top priority; everything starts with the client; team management skills: a planner will have to engage with a wide range of providers, partners, and employees. These include making the right choices at the right time.

Budget Management: One must be aware of the cost; all will have to communicate with the vendors and should know about the price; Industry knowledge and expertise – Collecting knowledge in corporate event planning is a very difficult purpose. Therefore, experiencing several events can help; with security and risk management – with all crowds requiring protection from the environment, a few actions must be included.

Why should you engage an event management company?

Employing the services of an event management company comes with multiple advantages. People should consider engaging an event management company for the following reasons.

Expertise and Experience:

The corporate event company is often comprised of a professional team who are used to handling numerous events of several sizes and types over several years. Event Planners come equipped with knowledge of the industry, and this throws them right into the complexity of planning events, and thus no challenge can defeat an event planner.

Savings on time and resources:

Planning an event can be tedious and resource demanding. Hiring an event management company saves a client time and accesses more resources for other needs as planners work on the planning of the event. This is mainly because they will spend most of the planning time on the event. 

Thirdly, access to vendor Networks:

These companies have vendor networks, which involve venues, and caterers. Decorators, entertainment providers, and a lot more suppliers and relevant people have greater ease accessing them than the ones who are new to this field.

Fourthly is creativity and innovation:

Event management companies add a fresh dimension to an individual’s or organization’s ideas making them more creative and innovative. Their creativity will help a client get an idea that one can hardly forget.

Fifth is professionalism and attention to detail:

Event management companies handle each detail of an event professionally. They ensure that they have a system in place as no single detail should appear to have been left unattended.

Risk Mitigation and Contingency Planning:

You should hire an experienced event management firm that will handle any risk that can occur and has a plan to mitigate it. Severe risks can cause devastating losses if not well planned for.

Relieve stress:

The greatest advantage of hiring an event management company is the alleviation of the stress that comes with planning and running an event. This means that most of the responsibilities can be transferred, which makes the experience less of a burden, but possibly more enjoyable.


Event management companies can work on any project that the client wants, whether it is a corporate conference, a wedding ceremony, a social party, etc. While the cost may be limited, the quality of the final product depends entirely on the company.

Quality assurance:

With an event management company, you are promised quality services used for the event since several satisfied customers and previous success records prove its perfection.

Post-event evaluation:

After the event, the company should also get feedback from the guests and evaluate its work. The feedback is essential in helping make other programs a success and to enhance the guest’s experience.

In summary, employing an event management company helps ensure the task is completed on time and within the client’s desire and needs.


Is hiring an event management company a costly affair?

To answer you in short, “no.”

The cost of hiring an event management company depends on various factors, such as the type and scale of the event, the range of services, the location, the reputation, and experience of the company, as well as other unique requirements or preferences. However, it is critical to consider the potential return on investment and the benefits of professional expertise that such an investment can bring to your event. The following are several considerations regarding the cost of hiring an event management company: 

Efficiency and Resource Savings:

Professional event managers have the knowledge and resources to plan and implement events quickly, saving you time and effort. Although using their services costs money, the resources and time-saving benefits of outsourcing implementation management may far exceed the expense.

Access to Vendor Networks:

Event management companies usually have existing relationships with suppliers and subsequent advantage resources that allow them to get better prices and more advantageous terms. These can cut costs on venue rentals, meal plans, entertainers, and other incident consequences.

Risk Mitigation:

Good event planners are good at identifying and managing risks. This can help you avoid huge expenditures or disruptions due to mishaps during the event. Their proactive approach to hazard inhibition can ultimately save you a lot of time by eliminating possible expenses or rights of action.

Customized Solutions:

Event management companies offer customized solutions to meet your budget, goals, and preferences. They do quality work with you to address your demands, optimize your budget, and allocate resources effectively. This guarantees that you get the most value for your money.

Quality and professionalism:

The quality and professionalism you get when you invest in the services of a reputable event management company are excellent. Their organizational capacity and commitment to excellence will enhance the participant experience and project a positive image of your brand.

Stress Reduction:

Preparing and running an event can be difficult and time-consuming, particularly for people or organizations with less experience. Hiring an event company takes the immediate burden off your shoulders. You can spotlight other things while entrusting the agency to bring your ideas to reality.

Although using the services of an event management company may initially entail costs, the benefits of professional expertise, implementation, and peace of mind justify this expenditure for most persons and organizations.

Identifying the corporate event company that is reliable and matches your budget and expectations in advance would help create a clearer and more peaceful collaboration. It would help if you received proposals from several companies and evaluated their services and costs to make an informed selection that matches your budget and goals.