Where Can You Find the Best Corporate Event Organizer Company in Bangalore?

Best Corporate Event Organizer Company in Bangalore

A corporate event organizer helps host the event by completely taking the load off their client. Brand launches, celebrity shows, campaigns, company get-togethers, conferences, etc. are just some of the events an event organizer helps to execute from start to finish.

Bangalore, the “garden city” of India is home to many amazing event management companies. Below are some of the reliable and known brands:

Maze events and experiences:

One of the most reliable event management companies in the country, Maze has come a long way with its expertise in hosting conferences, family days, and corporate events like award ceremonies.

Fountainhead MKTG:

Headquartered in 3 major cities, Bengaluru, Mumbai, and Gurugram, Fountainhead MKTG caters to corporate events to entertainment. Event management, rural marketing, stadia promotions, and in-film branding are some of the areas they excel in.

Zeal integrated marketing solutions:

One of the best Corporate event organizer Company in Bangalore, Zeal comes with 15 years of hands-on experience in event management. It offers its services throughout the country. They have worked with celebrities and some of the popular brands, namely Unisys, Epson, SAP, CNBC, and many more. They are known for providing event solutions from start to end with a flawless execution of the event.

The firms that hire Zeal continue their partnership for their upcoming events as they are convinced of the quality the company offers.

Balloon Pro:

One of the leading event management companies in the city, Balloon Pro offers unique themes for every event they host. Their area of expertise is catering to lavish wedding decor. From small to big events, they cater to every size.

Navavarn Event Management Company:

Navavarn comprises a team that is committed to making your event an unforgettable and lasting memory. They curate every event with bespoke services.

Showtime Event:

Showtime Event is an event management company in Bangalore with a team of experts in hosting corporate events. They help the company to establish a steady relationship with the employees and clients.

Kanasu events:

The term “Kanasu” translated in English is a dream. The company believes in delivering dreams to its clients by hosting impeccable events. Their area of specialty is cutouts, LED lights, balloon pillars, etc.

Mindz Productionz:

The company boasts of hosting events for 5000 people effortlessly. From award shows, high-profile meetings, and annual day celebrations, Mindz Productionz has done it all.

Dreamcraft Events and Entertainment:

Dreamcraft has its headquarters in Bangalore and Chennai, and delivers its services across the continent. They design the event as per the client’s desires by realizing their goals and objectives.

Center Stage:

Started in 2007, Center Stage has become one of the most sought-after event management companies in the industry. They have hosted 500+ events across multiple domains like retail, banking, home automation IT, hospitality, etc.

Why should you engage corporate event management organizers?

A corporate event will need to follow a protocol which needs a professional touch and adequate time to plan and host the event.

The benefits of using an event organizer for a company can be summed up as follows:


A firm that chooses to rely on event managers’ experience is also demonstrating its professionalism and concern. It manages the company’s image well and ensures that the state corporation maintains its reputation.

Innovative concepts:

In charge of overseeing the production of original concepts and inventive ideas are event specialists. They offer a novel viewpoint that might make a company appear promising in highly competitive environments.

Strategic planning:

By talking about the plans, aims, and objectives, the event manager strikes a balance with their business. They aid in formulating a particular strategy plan and considering all relevant viewpoints.

Attention to detail:

When it comes to the development of the business and the organization of the event, event managers are extremely meticulous. Ultimately, an occasion will only be noteworthy and unforgettable if it leaves an impression on the participants.

Relieving stress:

Constantly thinking through and creating business strategies and objectives may be very draining. Thus, employing an event manager can free up company time for other pursuits, lowering stress levels and boosting output.


Due to the wide range of suppliers and organizers that event managers work with, they frequently offer practical solutions that help companies save money and time.

Brand projection:

Well-executed event management presents a favorable impression of the company and provides an opportunity to represent it in an especially outstanding manner.

Measuring objective achievement:

Considering how the event will affect the result, event managers create measurable goals. As a result, the event is a component of a campaign to get results, and it is crucial to evaluate it considering the established objective.

What qualities should one search for in an event management firm? 

A successful and memorable business event can result from matching one’s goals, expectations, and aspirations with the necessary company by evaluating these elements. When selecting an event management company for your corporate event, consider the following factors:

Experience and knowledge:

Pick a business that has a proven track record of organizing and carrying out comparable business events. Consider their background in your sector, the event’s scope, and the kinds of events they’ve organized.

Reputation and reviews:

Look up the event management company’s standing through case studies, client endorsements, and reviews. A trustworthy business should have a long history and stellar testimonials from prior clients.

Services provided:

Consider the services provided by the event management business you choose to work with to host. Do they provide all-inclusive event planning services, such as venue selection, catering, audiovisual production, logistical management, and event marketing? They should use their services by the necessary combination for your occasion or tailor them to your specifications.

Creativity and innovation:

For your event, choose a company that can come up with novel concepts and think beyond the box. They will have the capacity to produce unique experiences that incorporate aspirations and brand identity that are in line with audience engagement.

Budget management:

Decide on a spending limit and choose a business that can operate inside it. A trustworthy business should offer transparent pricing and provide value for your money while meeting your budgetary requirements.

Cooperation and communication:

For a smooth event planning process, pick a firm that is approachable and attentive to your needs. They are open to making changes and always reply to your emails and questions.

Pay attention to details:

To determine an event’s strength, examine the specifics in its proposal, presentation, and finished product. Every time, they carefully consider every aspect of their planning.

Technology and innovation:

Determine whether the event management business makes use of cutting-edge tools and technology to streamline the planning process and enhance the experience for guests. These could include interactive technologies, virtual events, smartphone apps, and event management software.


The chosen organization must be able to modify its plan in response to changes, challenges, and requests from respective clients.

References and portfolio:

Carefully review the references and portfolio and identify individual clients you may contact to ask questions about the services.

What makes hiring an event management company successful? 

To make a lasting impression, hiring a corporate event management company in Bangalore seems feasible. The benefits are listed below:


Hiring a seasoned event management company ensures that the background event is planned and operated by a select group of individuals who will enrich the minds of the attendees.

Processes for event management and planning:

The knowledge and passion these companies possess frequently determine whether your experience is faultless and lovely. They provide a range of ideas and transform an uninteresting event into an entertaining one.


Organizations that practice before an event are more anticipatory and will be aware of the audience composition and goals of the organization.

Strategic Planning:

The associate presents the event’s message on stage and is typically strategic and productive. Tactics in the marketplace seem to lead to the development of more events, including dance, ballroom, and impressive pushing.

The following are some common terms used in corporate event planning:


Executive efficiency is typically a good enough term to bring about more and maximum efficiency for the event.


The event management company focuses on lighting, speakers, tables, microphones, and other accessories. The manager of Valet handles catering, and the individuals who work with them are known as ”event service suppliers.”


An event management business makes provisions for medical emergencies, fires, lost persons’ whereabouts, etc. It works on what can go wrong and produces things to counter all the problems.

Customer satisfaction:

People organize events to leave a lasting impression on their visitors, and event management is held accountable if something unforeseen occurs.

Post-event assessment:

Is it not true that the excitement of event preparation exceeds that of the event itself?

After the event, all you want to do is head home, but if you don’t have an event manager, you’ll have to finish setting things up before you can leave the venue. However, having an event planner gives you the flexibility to leave as soon as the event ends.


How much would it cost me to have my event planned by an event management company? 

The type and scale of the event, the level of services you require, and the location can all have a significant impact on how much it costs to hire an event management company. The company’s experience and reputation, as well as any extra free services that are part of the package, are also crucial considerations.

Here is a ballpark figure to help you visualize the potential expenses:

Amount of budget allotted:

To plan an event, managers need varying percentages of the overall cost. For instance, the cost of the service might range from 5% to even 25% pro or more, depending on how distinctive and complex the preparation of a particular fixed fee is. Some businesses also charge a fixed rate based on the volume of work they provide. They, too, are subject to variation and rely on activities chosen for the occasion as well as their overall size.

For modest to large events, the prices might range from several hundred dollars per hour. Several businesses further bill by the hour for a specific service or consultation.

For modest to large events, the prices might range from several hundred dollars per hour. Several businesses further bill by the hour for a specific service or consultation.

The charge might vary from several hundred to thousands of rupees per hour, depending on the company’s repute; occasionally, an hour can cost a whole lakh.

Predefined packet:

A lot of event management companies have packages that are tailored to specific event types and align with various business objectives and models. It’s a good idea to enquire about any hidden fees or prices associated with the corporate event company before choosing one.


Hiring a corporate event manager may sound expensive or unnecessary, but hosting an event is a mammoth task that has too many angles attached, from minute detailing to execution.  Professional event managers are trained in this area and get things done quickly and efficiently as they are dealing with the same daily.