Why Consider Zeal Integrated for Professional Event Planning Services in Bangalore?

Corporate Event Planning company in Bangalore

The top most corporate event planning company in Bangalore, Zeal Integrated specializes in delivering visionary yet cost-effective solutions to your events-related requirements. 

Zeal Integrated provides customized solutions for corporates ensuring that ordinary corporate events are converted into delightful experiences. 

How did Zeal Integrated make it to the most sought-after event planning company in Bangalore? 

Zeal Integrated, with 15 years of experience in event planning has toiled its way through every event, making the next one better and unique than the latter: 

Expertise and Experience 

Experience: Zeal Integrated is a proven name in the event industry, providing the best corporate event management services from small meetings to large-scale conferences, for years. 

Experienced Professional Team: The event company team consists of seasoned experts in event operations, creative design, and strategic planning. 

Customized Event Solutions 

Custom Pre-Event Planning: We know that no two events are ever alike. We offer services that are tailored to the unique needs and goals of each of our clients. 

Brand fit: Zeal ensures your event conveys your brand and related goals and helps your image-building outreach. 

Comprehensive Services 

From concept development to production and post-event reporting, Zeal manages your event from start to finish. 

Venue Selection: Help with picking out and reserving the ideal venue according to the event theme and logistics. 

Audio-Visual Production: They deliver an unbeatable presentation and event experience with their latest AV equipment. 

Marketing & Promotion: The event company’s targeted marketing ensures your event is reachable to every audience. 

On-Site Management: They coordinate with you during the execution. 

Unconventional Technological Aspect 

Virtual and Hybrid Events: Take advantage of the latest technology to reach people like never before through virtual and hybrid events. 

Engaging devices: Interactive apps and live streaming options are enhanced to improve the attendee experience. 

Sustainability Commitment 

Sustainable Events: Sustainability is a consideration in the planning and execution of events to reduce environmental impact. 

Client-Centric Approach 

Customizable Packages: They partner with customers to tailor packages to meet their vision and ensure everyone feels heard at their event. 

Open Communication: They are in constant touch with the clients throughout the planning stages. 

How does Zeal Integrated operate? 

Initial Consultation 

The first step is a detailed consultation to hear and absorb your vision, desires, and details for the event. 

Planning and Design 

The company’s creative team creates a plan and approach along with an art concept in detail, from Logistics to scheduling to budgeting and coordination. 


The team will be there on the day to look after every aspect of the event and ensure that everything runs as expected from the beginning to the end. 

Post-Event Evaluation 

Post event, we do a full wrap measure of success and feedback loop which also provides great future insights for your following events. 

Success Stories 

Apart from this Zeal Integrated has been able to handle numerous corporate events for a huge number of clients and has done so with good results. The highlights of their portfolio range from flagship conferences, new product launches, corporate retreats, and networking events. The company’s excellent track record in event management has earned them the tag of a reliable corporate event management company. 

Do small events need event planners? 

While they do oversee events on a grand scale, many are also able and willing to lend a hand when it comes to more intimate affairs. The following are reasons to hire an event planner even for small events and the common types of small events they organize: 

Attention to Detail: 

It is that skill of detail that might normally be missed that sets event planners apart, nearly any aspect of your event should be flawless on any scale. 

Stress Reduction: 

Putting together even a tiny event is a stressful thing to go through. The event planner handles logistics to help you enjoy the event. 

Professional Touch: 

Event Planners while considered an expense, especially for a small event, event planners can bring professionalism that improves the overall quality and experience. 

Creative Ideas: 

They can come out with something creative and unique which can make your small event a special one. 

Vendor Relationships: 

Event planners have built-in vendor relationships that can sometimes land you a better rate and service than an individual can, especially for smaller gatherings. 

Time Management: 

These handle all the tedious tasks from booking the venue to talking to vendors, all you do is choose, and you can worry about what’s important. 

Small Events Handled by Event Planners: 

Small Wedding: Intimate ceremonies with only closest friends and family. This category involves your ceremony, reception, decor, catering, and entertainment planning. 

Birthday Parties: Any age party, kids’ parties to adult milestone birthdays and celebrations. Planning activities, decoration, and catering as per event size. 

Family Gatherings and Meet-ups: Large families celebrate reunions or special events in groups of 10 or less. Accommodations, meals, and activities to be organized on their own. 

Dinner + Cocktail Parties: Private dinners, special occasions with friends, family, or business acquaintances. 

Bridal and Baby Showers: A little pre-wedding and pre-birth celebration with awesome moves from family and friends. Includes Themed Decor, Games, Catering, and Favor Management. 

Engagement Parties: Celebrations with some of your closest friends with family for an engagement. Venue selection, decor, catering, entertainment. 

Graduation Celebrations: Simple celebrations of academic success encompassing details like venue, decoration, catering, and entertainment. 

Anniversaries: Celebrating Key Relationship Years. 

Workshops and Seminars: Short educational or training sessions for small groups of participants. Goes over speaker management, room layout, and attendee interaction. 

Live Product Launches and Demonstrations: An event with a very limited number of attendees to launch a product. Covering setup, how-to product demo, and Q&A with attendees. 

What events does an event planner host? 

Event Planning Professionals can handle a diverse range of events with their varying needs, objectives, and target groups: 

Corporate Events: Conferences and Seminars: Weekend-long events that feature keynotes, workshops, and round tables. 

Convocation: However, involves scheduling, speaker coordination, and AV support. 

Product Launches: The arrival of new products in the market. Strategy, Branding, Buzz, and Media wardrobe styling. 

Corporate Retreats: Team building and strategic planning of offsite events like the venue selection, activity putting, and logistics handling. 

Business Meetings: Any meeting, internal, board and AGM. They emphasize a good working atmosphere with provision for basic amenities and food. 

Trade Shows and Expos: Organized events for businesses to exhibit their goods or services. All of that being said, it covers booth, vendor, and customer management in person. 

Social Events 

Weddings: Full-Ceremony & Full-Reception Planning. Coordination of venues, vendors, decor, catering, and guest logistics. 

Birthday Parties: Organizing theme parties for different age groups. Covers entertainment, decorations, and catering arrangements. 

Anniversaries: Important anniversary celebrations. Creating a personalized experience with flair. 

Family Reunions: Planning family reunions. Venue, activities, and accommodation selection. 

Community and Public Events 

Fundraisers: Donor management + sponsorship coordination + event promotion 

Cultural Festivals: Necessitates orchestration of events, vendors, and security 

Parades: Parades with floats and performances. Route planning, participant coordination, and crowd control. 

Sporting Events: Promoting, organizing, or arranging local, regional, or national sports competitions including hosting logistics, attendee signup, and event marketing. 

Private Events: 

Private Dinners and Galas: Small & Large Group Dining Events. Established ambiance for elegant style of catering and entertainment. 

Engagement Parties: The couple’s engagement party. Venue, decorations, and guest logistics. 

Graduation Parties: Winning spells in academic celebrations includes planning for an outing, food, and entertainment. 

Specialized Events 

Themed Parties: Chapter-specific themed or concept events. They need artistic devices, dedicated party decorations, and authentic meals. 

Press Conferences: Media Advisory Conference Events which include media coordination, venue setup, and audiovisual support. 

Product Demonstrations: The best way to show features and their benefits. Exhibit Zone setup, technical support, attending engagements. 


Big, small, formal, or informal, whatever may be the occasion, hiring an event planner is well worth the time and money. They are professionals and know the best on how to go about the process. They can tackle unpleasant situations with ease. Hiring a reliable and experienced event planning company in Bangalore like Zeal Integrated is the most sensible way to move forward in an event planning. 


Which is the best event planning company in Bangalore? 

Zeal Integrated Marketing Solutions is the best in town as they provide total support to their clients with the utmost care to meet the standards. From planning to execution to post-event follow-up, Zeal does it all. 

How to choose the right event planning company in Bangalore? 

In hiring an event management company, experience is the key term. Find professionals who can make things easier for you and work with them to plan corporate events. They need to have enough experience working in other industries and with different types of events. 

Why should an event planner be hired? 

It is very beneficial to hire event planners ranging from experts and professionals to save time from the event up to the creative vision. No event, whether a corporate event, wedding, or a large-scale conference, goes off without a single hitch – and they never should if you hire a seasoned event planner who comes ready with a toolbox of resources to anticipate and avoid or solve disasters. Handing your event over to a pro allows you to enjoy the event and meet your event objectives. 

What events does an event planner host? 

Event planners know how to do a wide array of events with a wide variety of challenges and needs. Be it a big corporate conference, a small wedding or a private party, every aspect of the affair must be taken care of and that’s where event planners with their fine execution come into play giving you a great memorable event. Event planners can customize their services to fit the unique requirements and objectives of each event by using their professional skills and experiences. 

Do event planners cater to small events? 

Event planners are required even for a smaller project, event planners can still bring a lot of value by delivering a flawless event so that the host does not need to worry about the details assures that everything is perfect, reduces stress, and lets everyone enjoy the event. Padding for hosts/Users allowed to use the banner No matter the scale of the event, whether it be a small wedding or a curated dinner, an event planner brings everything together beautifully and help ensure that the event goes off without a hitch. 

Are there any degrees offered in event management? 

Event management degrees and educational programs pave the way for a successful career in the industry Whether you are a bachelor, master or professional certification student, these programs hold a lot of knowledge and practicality. They groom you for potential paths to event management roles, which include planning and coordination to career-spanning full event and venue management. 

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