Are There Any Event Management Company In Bangalore Offering Sustainable Corporate Gifting?

Best corporate event management and gifting company in Bangalore

What is sustainable gifting? 

Sustainable corporate gifting refers to giving eco-friendly or recycled and ethically produced gifts in a business context. This approach reduces its negative impact on the environment, strengthens social responsibility, and is good for business. Here is a detailed guide on hiring corporate gifting companies in Bangalore.

Find out what you need to know about your favorite gifts that are environmentally friendly. 

Eco-Friendly Materials 

Eco-friendly gifts: Gifts that do not have a life of a few weeks can last longer with sustainable materials for e.g.: stainless steel water bottles, bamboo cutlery, etc. 

Paper-based products: These will naturally break down, as well they can be recycled and reused biodegradable packaging. 

Ethical Sourcing 

Ethical/Non-toxic Item: Gift with soul possible buy in bulk fair trade. 

Products: Products bought from fair trade organizations assuring labor-friendly pay and safe working conditions for laborers. 

Local Products: Support small businesses and artisans in your area to minimize transportation-related carbon footprints as well as enhance the local economy. 

Sustainable Production 

Energy-efficient manufacturing: Present use of energy-efficient processes, such as renewable power sources. 

Zero Waste: Created to produce as little waste from manufacturing and packaging processes. 

Functionality and Longevity 

Staple items: Gifts that should be kept for at least some time and will not have to be replaced as often. 

Items They Need and are likely to be used regularly: In this case, they’re more likely to never end up in a landfill somewhere. 

Green Packaging 

Less packaging or minimalist: Request packaging that uses fewer materials to help reduce waste. 

Green Packaging: Recycled or biodegradable packaging. 

Promoting Sustainability 

Precious items: Things that remind of earth-friendly attempts such as Sustainability-related books, or Seeds growing kits 

Branded with Meaning – Custom-branded sustainable reusable elements that represent your company values. 

What are the advantages of sustainable corporate gifting companies in Bangalore? 

Impact on nature:

Helps lessen the influence we have on global warming by selecting products that are gentler to mother earth. 

Corporate Image:

Optics becomes a socially responsible and environmentally sustainable company. 

Companion and Client Experience:

Shows empathy, thoughtfulness, and solidarity in their relationships with employees as well as clients & partners. 

Alignment to Values:

Demonstrates a commitment by the company toward sustainability and fulfillment of an exploding customer desire for eco-friendly practices. 

Sustainable corporate gifting allows companies to contribute positively to the environment, endorse ethical practices, and demonstrate their commitment to making a positive impact. 

What are the types of sustainable gifts that the corporate gifting companies in Bangalore have to offer? 

Sustainable corporate gifting companies in Bangalore: These are gift items that have been procured in a way or manner that promotes environmental responsibility and social consciousness. These are a few of the sustainable gift ideas that people love! 

Reusable Items: 

Stainless Steel Water Bottles: Tougher and greener than plastic options. 

Eco-pleasant Purchasing Luggage: Manufactured from biodegradable materials like natural and organic cotton or reprocessed vinyl. 

Reusable Coffee Cups: Created with each other out of bamboo, stainless steel glass, etc. 

Eco-Friendly Personal Care: 

These are soaps made of natural ingredients and no harmful chemicals are traded. 

Save Bamboo Toothbrushes: An Eco- option for plastic toothbrushes and compostable. 

Clean Skincare: Products made from natural materials and packed in recyclable containers. 

Sustainable Stationery: 

Recycled Paper Notebooks: Created from post-consumer wastepaper and sustainably sourced tales. 

Plant Pencils: Once your pencil is too short, you can plant it and grow an herb or flower. 

Green Gadgets: 

Solar Chargers: Items that are used to charge phones and other electronic devices by using solar power. 

Low-energy consumption: Long Lasting Lighting Options: Energy-efficient LED lights 

Zero-Waste Kits: 

Kitchen Kits: Items such as beeswax wraps, stainless steel straws, and mesh produce bags. 

Personal Care Kits: Individual sustainable essentials like reusable cotton rounds, bamboo toothbrushes and natural deodorants. 

Organic and Fair-Trade Food: 

We’ve got Fair-Trade Coffee and Tea: Sustainably grown & ethically sourced. 

Natural Chocolate: chocolates made from natural cocoa beans without the addition of any artificial materials. 

Home and Garden: 

Plant Kits: Indoor plant or herb garden kit for greenhouse living. 

Secondhand home decor: Decor pieces made from upcycled materials like reclaimed wood or recycled metal. 

Clothing and Accessories: 

Some organic cotton T-shirts 

Recycled Fabric Bags: Upcycled purses, totes and backpacks 

Sustainable/ Ethical Fashion: Jewelry from recycled metals or sustainably sourced gemstones. 

All Books and Education Materials: 

Sustainability-related books: From zero-waste lifestyle to keeping things eco-friendly with industry professionals behind the scourge of sustainability-oriented development. 

Shop DIY Kits: Craft kits made from eco-friendly art supplies and materials. 

Subscription Services: 

Sustainable Meal Kits: Services that make it easy to get organic, local ingredients. 

Eco-Friendly Product Boxes: Going green is this monthly subscription delivery service that will take your ethical living to new heights. 


Eco-Tours: Sustainable and conservation-oriented travel experience. 

Workshops: Full-day classes about composting, sustainable gardening, or upcycling. 

Sustainably grown presents for family and friends: Whether these gifts have been made from a landfill or sustainable goods often make an impressive distinction. And by considering environmentally friendly gift items of course you will. 

What are the uses of hiring a sustainable event company? 

Sustainable corporate gifting companies in Bangalore are plenty, and they enjoy several bold aspects in our modern green-conscious world. 

Lessening the Environmental Impact: 

Reduction of waste during events: Strategies to avoid the generation and promote recycling, reuse, or composting. 

Green Events: Run your events with energy-saving lighting, equipment, and locations to reduce carbon footprint. 

Future Carbon Offsets: Providing ways to offset an event-contributed carbon footprint through soil sequestration programs, tree planting, and/or the purchase of renewable energy. 

Advancement of Green Practices: 

Teaching: Advocate for the economy and demonstrate its benefits as part of sustainable event planning practices. 

Advocacy: To promote eco-friendly options after the event or for positive change in behavior over an extended period. 

Localized Economies and Community Support: 

Locavore: Working with regional suppliers and partners to minimize transportation emissions, as well as supporting local economies. 

Local communities are three parts of a larger social and environmental fabric: Community Engagement, engaging with local governments to facilitate implementation of the event towards community benefits (economic growth or environment), and respect for the host culture. 

Improved Brand Image and Social Enterprise: 

Positive Image: Assisting organizations in developing a presence for environmental sustainability and corporate social responsibility. 

Stakeholder Engagement: Engaging clients, employees, and investors who value sustainability. 

The Impact of Innovation & Creativity on Event Design 

Innovative Design: Showcasing freshest event designs and concepts for creating eco-friendly meets that inspire creativity but leave the least environmental footprint. 

Bespoke Service: Corporate gifting companies in Bangalore provide tailored event solutions to fulfill client-specific sustainability objectives and delegate preferences. 

Strategic, Long-term Sustainability Planning: 

Strategic Planning: Helping partners design strategies to sustain themselves long-term beyond a single event. 

Performance tracking and improvement: Develop measuring and reporting company with environmental metrics that assess and report the progress of sustainability efforts over time. 

Financial Benefits: 

Savings: Finding ways to save energy greatly improved, diminished waste as effectively, and changes in the plant conducted more efficiently. 

ROI (Return of Investment) – Proving to what extent the use of sustainable practices leads to an increase in efficiency, savings on resources, and brand!? 

In brief, by championing responsible consumption and production patterns for a more sustainable planet and environmental conservation globally, the activities of the sustainable event companies don’t go unnoticed. The corporate gifting companies in Bangalore are aiming more at sustainable events. 

What are the things to look for while hiring sustainable corporate gifting companies in Bangalore? 

Here are some important things that companies should take care of and a few key factors for you to consider when hiring sustainable corporate gifting companies in Bangalore. Ensure they meet your sustainability approach as well while keeping everything in the proper place. 

Zeal Integrated Marketing Solutions has experience with best practices in sustainability for brands, organizations, and individuals. It is the best corporate gifting company in Bangalore known for its uniqueness and quality. 


Find someone with a history of operating successful eco-competitions. Portfolio review Plus client testimonials. 

Green Building Certifications:

Check if they have any green building certifications or relevant memberships in sustainability organizations that will verify their commitment. 

Sustainable Event Strategies: 

Approach: Find out how they go about integrating sustainability into event planning, including waste reduction and/or energy efficiency as well as minimizing their carbon footprint. 

Innovative Solutions: Find out how well the catering company can provide creative and innovative sustainability solutions that meet your event criteria. 

Vendor & Supplier Relationship: 

Ask sustainability criteria: Ask how they choose vendors & suppliers based on criteria such as eco-friendly products, local sourcing, or fair-trade practices. 

Company Partnerships: Fing the sourcing partners they have established to enhance their efforts, take references that can help you build a better idea. 

Green Venue Selection: 

Venue Options: Firstly, know the green venue market, environmentally sustainable and energy-efficient corporate venues as well as which ones have excellent waste management practices in place. 

Venue Certifications: Do they require specific sustainability standards of venues (LEED certification, or other any recognized green building certifications? 

Waste Management & Recycling Programs 

Strategies: What are their strategies for dealing with event-related waste (think recycling programs, composting opportunities, and single-use plastics/disposables avoidance). 

Post-Event Waste Management: Ask how they manage their waste once the event is over, ensuring it gets recycled and disposed of appropriately. 

Are sustainable energy and water conservation practices encouraged? 

Efficiency measures: Inquire if they have programs for energy and water conservation during events like energy-efficient lighting, HVAC systems, and water-saving fixtures. 

Monitoring & Reporting: Find out if they monitor and report energy, and water use to understand their environmental footprint. 

Community and Social Impact: 

Local Engagement: How effectively have they successfully reached out to the local community and assisted social responsibility as it pertains to this event? 

Diversity and Inclusion: Check what standards they hold for diversity, equity, and inclusion within their event planning practices/ community engagements. 

Measurement and Reporting: 

Metrics: Explain how they calculate and report sustainability metrics (e.g., carbon emissions, waste diversion rate), and the environmental performance. 

Transparency, as in that they provide ample reporting on their sustainability efforts and performance – tracking progress along the way. 

Budget & Cost Factors: 

Cost-Effective: Determine how cost-effective their sustainable practices are and verify that they fit your budget. 

Long-Term Cost Savings and ROI of Hiring a Sustainable Event Company Value Proposition: Long-term benefits include how much it could save you in costs, as to the return on investment (ROI), not only but also that your overall brand reputation gain can be significant. 

The art of communication and collaboration: 

Style of Communication: Evaluate their communication style and responsiveness to gauge smooth collaboration during the planning process. 

Get to be Included: With your thoughts in mind, you want a company that is inclusive of what image or beliefs they can create for them through various evolving changes into the sustainability mix! 

Understanding these things, you should be able to find an event company that is not only suitable for your event needs but also reflects the kind of environmental responsibility and sustainability you are looking for. 


Working with a sustainable event company means that you will not only plan an unforgettable event but also improve society, the environment, and the standing of your company. Beyond the event itself, there could be substantial returns on this calculated investment in sustainability. Zeal Integrated, the corporate gifting company in Bangalore offers gifts that are worthwhile and ecofriendly. 


How can an event be made sustainable? 

Selecting an eco-friendly location and utilizing digital resources to cut down on paper waste are two ways to make an event sustainable. Put into practice comprehensive waste management techniques, such as composting and recycling. Purchase organic and locally grown food to boost the regional economy and cut pollution. To reduce the carbon footprint associated with travel, promote carpooling and public transit. 

Which event company in Bangalore offers corporate sustainable gifts?

Zeal is a corporate gifting company in Bangalore having 15 years of experiential knowledge. The best event company in Bangalore offers corporate sustainable gifts which are innovative, reasonably priced, and ecofriendly. 

What are the points to consider while planning an eco-friendly event?

Select a green-certified location for your eco-friendly event and send out digital invites to cut down on waste. Use composting and recycling as part of an all-encompassing waste management strategy and choose products that are recyclable or biodegradable. To reduce food miles and promote sustainable agriculture, buy organic and locally grown produce. Encourage the use of energy-saving techniques and public transport to lessen the event’s carbon footprint. 

What is the most crucial component of the organization that handles events?

The most important components for every event management business are their planning and coordination abilities. This also means making sure that every single detail of the event is handled, from the planning and budgeting stage for each service to the finalization and inventory management stage and, in the end, the on-site execution.

How do event planners work? 

They handle logistics, create a comprehensive event plan, and oversee deadlines—all essential components of a successful event. A company that excels in these areas knows exactly how to prepare for any unanticipated obstacles, come up with creative solutions, and make sure the event fulfils the client’s expectations while exceeding them. 

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